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We manually list your business in the most important startup directories

More than 200 directories on our ever-growing list!

“Working with StartupRanking has been a pleasant and fruitful experience. We’ve seen a significant increase in our website audience just weeks after the work was done.”

Philippe Grazina, Marketing Manager at TapNation

Why SR Booster?

Improve your brand's visibility

We spread your business across multiple relevant startup directories, increasing your online exposure and brand awareness within your target audience.

Increase your startup's traffic & leads

By placing your brand where your ideal customers are, you'll get more quality traffic and leads to your website, increasing your conversions.

Take your Off-Page SEO to the next level

By listing your business in directories, you will also get quality backlinks to your website, increasing your Domain Authority and SEO.

Key Features

What makes the SR Booster great

Curated Directory Listings

SR Booster uses a proprietary list of the best startup directories to list your business and boost your brand's online visibility.

Authoritative Backlinks

The high-authority links we create for your website help you build a strong backlink profile and increase your keyword competitiveness.

Links Indexing Included

Unlike other link-building services on the market, we guarantee that most of your backlinks get indexed by search engines.

Request Directory Exclusions

Don't want us to submit your startup to one of our directories? Just let us know and we will make the exceptions you request.

Detailed Live Report

We provide you with a detailed report of each directory submission along with screenshot evidence for reference.

Superior Customer Support

Each new order is assigned to a friendly customer service agent who will be available for any support you may need.

See your Backlinks in our Live Reports

We upload your login credentials, profile links, and screenshot evidence of submissions.

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We boost all industries

SR Booster helps companies from all industries get online exposure.

Saas / Software

Fintech / Insurance



Real Estate & Construction

Healthcare & Beauty

Local Professionals

Media / Entertainment


What our clients say about the SR Booster

“Working with StartupRanking has been a pleasant and fruitful experience. We’ve seen a significant increase in our website audience just weeks after the work was done.”
“SR Booster made it easy to get my website listed in many startup directories. It was easy to set up and use. The price was also reasonable.”
“SR Booster is a must do for any company trying to enhance its presence on the internet. It is a great way to improve Google ranking position, 100% recommended.”
"StartupRanking is the fastest way to quickly raise your exposure across multiple domains. The SR Booster service was a no-brainer for us and saved us a lot of time."
"We really liked the way the StartupRanking Team delivered the project within the mentioned time and provided all the details professionally."
"The SEO strategy provided by the SR Booster service has given us a lot of good results. We've been able to have more leads and therefore increase our sales."

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How it Works

What we need you to do

We just need you to complete 2 simple steps.

Search or Register

Set up a profile on our worldwide platform of startups.

Fill Out a Form

Fill out a 15-min form with your company information.

What we take care of

We provide a service tailored to your startup.


We review and improve your information and select relevant directories for your startup.


Our agents start manually creating business profiles of your startup on each directory.

Live Report

We start uploading profile links, screenshot evidence and login details to your live report.

We deliver the work
in as little as two weeks





Paid Once

Submissions to 40+ directories. Great for newly launched websites that are just testing the waters of link-building.

Manual submissions to 40+ startup directories(View full list)

Report with screenshots & live listings

25+ quality backlinks guaranteed

Directories' average DA of 45

1-week change/correction support

Save 20+ hours of your valuable time

Submission to our category-specific directories
Submission to premium directories


Most Popular



Paid Once

Submissions to 80+ directories. Great for websites that already have some backlinks and need some extra growth.

Manual submissions to 80+ startup directories(View full list)

Report with screenshots & live listings

50+ quality backlinks guaranteed

Directories' average DA of 51

2-week change/correction support

Save 40+ hours of your valuable time

Submission to our category-specific directories
Submission to premium directories




Paid Once

Submissions to 120+ directories. The top choice for websites targeting aggressive growth and widespread recognition.

Manual submissions to 120+ startup directories(View full list)

Report with screenshots & live listings

75+ quality backlinks guaranteed

Directories' average DA of 55

4-week change/correction support

Save 70+ hours of your valuable time

Submission to our category-specific directories
Submission to 10 premium directories
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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Or shoot us an email at [email protected]

General Questions

Link-building improves your Page and Domain Authority (PA, DA), which then improves the competitiveness of your website's keywords against those of your competitors, helping your keywords rank higher. Higher ranking keywords boost your website's visibility in result pages (SERP's) and allows you to effectively reach a bigger share of your target audience.

Wether you are bootstrapping a new startup or operating a multiple six-figure business, the SR Booster will help you increase your overall backlink count and complement your SEO strategy.

With the Basic plan, your startup will get submitted to 40+ directories, from which you can expect between 25 to 35 backlinks.

With the Expert plan, your startup will get submitted to 80+ directories, from which you can expect between 50 to 70 backlinks.

With the Ultimate plan, your startup will get submitted to 120+ directories, from which you can expect between 75 to 110 backlinks.

* Keep in mind that your submissions approval rate depends on your startup type and your site quality. If you want to know the approval likelihood of each directory you can check out our Directory list.
Results in terms of improving your startup's digital exposure are immediate. In regards to your SEO rankings improvement, results usually take between 3 to 6 months.
* Keep in mind that SEO results take time to show, but they are rewarding and last over time.

We always make sure to avoid profile duplicates. Our manual agents will make sure to carefully identify those directories in which your business already has a profile listed and mark them up as "Already Submitted" on your report.

You can find our directory listing by clicking directly on this link.

Yes, of course! 

You can send us an email at [email protected] indicating which directories on our list you want to exclude for your Booster submissions.

It usually takes two weeks. You can track the whole process with our online report, where you can see all your submission links and screenshots.

If you would prefer to get your submissions done over a 1, 2, or 3-month period, please email us at [email protected] 

About Backlinks

Link-building services are an SEO strategy used to seek opportunities to earn valuable inbound links to your website from high-authority domains. Backlinks are an important ranking factor that helps search engines determine trustworthy and authoritative websites. Therefore, link-building naturally helps improve your search engine rankings and keyword performance.

Here are some of the many attributes that contribute to a backlink’s quality and utility:

  • Relevance (Backlinks from sites related some way to your product/ service or industry)
  • Authority (Backlinks from web pages with a high D.A)
  • Traffic (Backlinks from high-traffic pages will usually send you more referral traffic than those from low-traffic pages)
  • Placement (People are more likely to click prominently-placed links)
  • Dofollow vs. Nofollow (Because link building takes time and effort, it’s best to prioritize getting followed links. Just don’t kick up a fuss if you get a nofollowed link. It is important to combine both to make your link-building strategy more natural to search algorithms)
  • Anchor text (Anchor text refers to the clickable words that form a backlink)

Backlinks are like votes, that tell Google that a particular website is trustworthy and the content on the site is valuable, credible, and useful. So, the more of these “votes” you have, the higher your site will rank in Google and other search engines. Additionally, backlinks represent another source of traffic to your website (Referral Traffic).

Link indexing is a process by which Google crawls through all the websites on the internet and extracts data about the backlinks pointing to these websites.

Getting your backlinks indexed is critical to the success of any link-building campaign. There is no point in creating links if Google doesn’t index them; you are just wasting your time, energy and money.

Unlike other services, SR Booster runs the backlinks we create through an indexing tool to guarantee that most new backlinks get indexed and progressively appear in search results.

Still Have Questions?

Write us an email and ask our experts a question.
Usual response time is less than 1 day.

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